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Papua New Guinea: A Scuba Divers Adventure
Chertan Liveaboard Diving

Milne Bay Liveaboard Diving

Captain RobVan der Loos has been diving in Milne Bay for over twenty years. His knowledge of the marine ecosystem, and the local culture is unmatched in this far southeastern region of Papua New Guinea. The M.V. Chertan is a purpose-built dive boat which operates out of Alotau in Milne Bay.

On board Chertan the living is easy. One of the most memorable "post diving" experiences is the food, where freshness is the key to describing the rich offerings of the region. A cruise on Chertan offers unlimited diving for the enthusiast as well as an introduction to the local culture.

Depending on seasons, creatures come and go in Milne Bay. Here are some of the outstanding dives site visited by Chertan on a regular basis.

nudibranchTania's Reef
A large coral mount comming from 140 ft to just 8 ft from the surface. Divers are able to dive around the full cercumference of the reef with a single tank. The South side of the reef is littered with soft corals of all descriptions. Large schools of fish feed off this face. The reef also plays host to giant clams and turtles.

Cobb's Cliff
Steep drop off on one side down to 150+' rising to just 20' below the surface and dropping back in the center to a sandy lagoon to 60'. blue ribbon eelThis site is frequently visited by large palargics such as Manta Rays and Hammerhead Sharks. The reef also hosts a variety of macro subjects such as leaf scorpion fish, Rhinopious, Blue Ribbon Eels, Elegent Fire Gobys, and so much more.

Wahoo Point
Ahammerhead shark small point located on the North side of the mainland with a shelf from 15' to 50'in depth and dropping with a sheer wall down to 200+'. This site is frequently visited by Hammerheads, Manta Rays, occationly Whale Sharks, Minki Whales and on two occations, Orcas. The site also hosts a variety of anenomies, a school of Baracuda and very large Elephant ear sponges. A great place for wide angle photography.

This dive site you could spend a number of days doing, this location actually has two seperate dives, straight off the boat, no deeper than 25' of water you have an increadable collection of cleaning stations, divers are able to get their teeth cleaned if they wish. snake eelThe site has a variety of octapuses and on occations, the Mimic has appeared. Other critters on this site are: Blue Ribbion Eels, Cuttle fish, Lion fish, A huge variety of Nudibranchs, Manta Shrimps, Mandarine fish, Frog fish, Sea horses, Ghost pipe fish, Cockatoo wasp fish, and the list goes on and on. Dive B: ( From the same location ) Wide angle photographers can swim amongst a large variety of large sea fans which grow 30' below the surface, under the jungle canopy. This site is often visited by Hammerhead Sharks and Whale sharks. Here also, guests have the opertunity for walks into the village, skull caves or even a jungle walk to a beautiful waterfall.

Cherie's Reef
colemans shrimpThis is a beautiful drift dive along a slope that's covered with large Gagonians and littered with large schools of fish. Particular Gagonians host the infamous Pigmy Sea Horse.

Conservation Point
A true rubble dive. Sand slopes going down 100' host snake eels, Star Gazers, Pipe fish, Flamboyant cuttle fish, Mimic Octapus, Spanish Dancers, Cuttle fish, Fire urchins with Coleman shrimp and the Buggs Bunny Scorpion fish.

Sponge Heaven
A sheer wall starting at 2' below the surface dropping to 200+' Honey combed with small caves. Huge variety of sponges and home to a variey of Nudibranchs, including the large Spanish Dancer.

weedy scorpionfish  mimic octopus

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